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GTH volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. It can take up to three volunteers to provide just one lesson for one of our participants. Below are some of the volunteer possibilities at Guardian. Please download the form for volunteers, and then contact Michelle for a "meet and greet."

  • Horse leaders help start, stop, and guide horses.

  • Sidewalkers maintain constant safety awareness and provide physical and motivational support for the rider.

  • Ground work training to help horses get used to the different activities that are required in their new lifestyle of being a therapy horse (nerf balls being thrown from their riders, special obstacles, soap bubbles being blown at or from their rider, etc.)

GTH Look at me

Other Opportunities to Help

So you're not a horse person...we need you too!

  • Clean and organize the tack room

  • Laundromat services for horse blankets and saddle pads

  • Washing out horse troughs and buckets

  • Fence repair

  • Building obstacles to improve the sensory course 

  • Learn about horses by grooming!

  • If you have any other ways you would like to help, please contact Michelle!

 Sponsor A Child 

We want to provide a place for all who wish to benefit from equine therapy. however, there are many participants at Guardian that we serve who have financial difficulties. Your sponsorship of $200 for a month will provide four lessons for a child in need. In return, we will send you updates on their progress.

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Sponsoring A Horse

There are so many different ways to help provide for the care of a horse at Guardian.

Sponsor a Horse:

  • Sponsor for a Year - $450/year which helps cover the cost of feed, farrier services, hay, yearly vaccinations, worming, and medications. Patronage will be recognized by a plaque in the barn on the Sponsor Wall.

Specific Monthly Items Care:

  • Supplement Sponsor ($75/horse) - this applies only to certain horses that require supplements.

  • Farrier Services ($75/horse) - will cover their "Spa Day" to keep their feet in optimum condition.

  • Treat the horses for one farrier "Spa Day" - $300

  • Feed ($25/50 lb. bag) - horses at Guardian consume 28 pounds a day of Purina Strategy Healthy Edge.

  • Hay ($13/bale) - horses at Guardian consume 20 bales of hay a month.

Please consider donating now to help us expand our services to even more riders and participants in the Central Texas area. GTH is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on supporters to help us with our mission. Donations are critical to ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. EIN# 93-3847548.

Or send a check to:

Guardian Therapeutic Horsemanship
896 N. Vicha Dr.
Axtell, TX  76624

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